For nearly a decade, CA Ventures, and its related entities, has delivered superior results to investors. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to identify unique opportunities and, more importantly, successfully execute our initial strategies in spite of ever-changing market conditions. We look principally for three types of investment ventures:

Core infill investments: Development opportunities – creating projects in key locations to provide above-average, sustainable yields and favorable long-term outlooks

Opportunistic investments: Special situations, including joint venture agreements, where access to capital, as well as strategic insights and implementation, can unlock the full potential of a troubled or under-utilized asset

Value-added investments: Properties with upside potential through repositioning, conversion or redevelopment, where CA Ventures can add value through its industry expertise, infrastructure and partner relationships

Targeted investment opportunities generally include assets with underdeveloped strengths and/or improving market conditions which can be positively impacted through CA’s creative, “hands-on” ownership approach.

Whether these opportunities come from direct investments in assets, operating companies, or joint ventures, CA will always be intently focused on maximizing investor returns.